Monday, March 03, 2008


Jade Lady tagged me with a meme: 7 random or weird things about myself. Well, pretty much everything about me is random or weird, so it shouldn't be hard. I just hope my internet connection holds out long enough to list some, tag 7 other people, and publish it all! Actually, it's going to be hard to find 7 people who've been reading my blog enough to realize they've been tagged.

You can find other weird things about me in my last Odd Facts About Me post here, from a long time ago.

Here goes for this go-around. I don't think they're as interesting as the last ones. Maybe I'm just not as inspired today. Or nowadays.

1. I hand-feed grapes to a vicious rooster. He attacks the other livestock feeders. I tell them it's because they don't feed him grapes. They say they're not going to get close enough to feed him grapes.

2. I broke down and colored my hair a few days ago, after 5 months of letting the gray grow out. It was making me look my age, which I generally don't.

3. I keep writing and deleting a controversial opinion for this one. I think I'll save it for a separate post and see what kind of hate-mail it engenders.

4. Not that the guys (or even girls) care, but I've just passed the 10-month mark since my last period. It doesn't count as menopause until it's been a year. Last time, I thought I was clear but then after 6 months... crap, hadda start counting all over again. I was 55 then. Sheesh.

5. I can bend the last, short joint of my fingers while keeping the middle joints stiff, except for the middle finger of each hand... doesn't work with these two. Two of my children can do this. One can't, and neither can my husband. My mother can and my grandmother could.

6. I can't roll my tongue into a tube. My husband can, and two of our three children can. I haven't tested the grandkids or their fathers. :-o

7. Although I play heavy-duty classical stuff on the piano (Bach, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Beethoven, among others) I have never really had lessons and have a terrible time reading music. A new piece takes me hours to dope out one note at a time. After a few weeks of doing that (a little easier each time) I finally have it in my soul and can play it so it has life and breath.

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Jade Lady said...

This rooster thing you do really has me in stitches - I had to tell others. See my last post.

ShirleyPerly said...

Hey, I play that heavy duty classical stuff on piano too! Well, I used to. Probably take me a while to get back to doing so but I did at one time read music quite well. Wonder if it'd be like riding a bike ...

You are brave to feed that rooster!

Flo said...

Okay girl, I did mine. That was harder then it sounds...