Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Wow. I am really planning this. Last year when I was talking AT, I was just saying, "I really like backpacking in the mountains. I'm going to hike the AT."

This year, I am blogging HOW I am going to do it. Big difference.

I need to make lists. I'm making them on paper, and I'll also be publishing them on a new blog, Ellie's List of Lists. So far the only one there is my Ironman Race Day packing list.

Here's the general backpack list. I'll be posting it over there as well. Later, I'll list details of what's in each kit or set. Most of this stuff is what you'd take on any camping trip.

OK, here goes:

Ellie's Backpack List (a work in progress...)
Big garbage bag as waterproof liner & slick surface to slide stuff in
Extra garbage bag, ziplock bags, plastic grocery bags
Sleeping bag & liner
Pillow (minimalists will cringe; travel size, compresses flat)
Sleeping pad (softer surface & insulates you from cold ground)
Shelter (tent or tarp, tarp is more versatile, can rig as tent)
Groundcloth to go under tent (controversial to minimalists)
Clothing (list coming later )
Cookset & fuel (list coming later)
Food (list coming later)
Essential toiletries, medications (list coming later)
First Aid (list coming later)
"Murphy Kit" (for whatever can go wrong, will... repairs etc.) (list later)
Rain gear -- pants & jacket
Water bottle(s) & water container for camp
Sanitation kit (list coming later)
Sandals for camp wear and river crossings
Camera, extra batteries or charger
Flashlight, extra batteries
Cellphone & charger (I'm looking into a battery-operated charger)
Hiking poles (can carry a few lengths of duct tape wrapped around)
Pocket-size New Testament
Book (can be mailed ahead in sections to save carrying weight)
Pen & paper for journal

I may have left out things... this is just off the top of my head. Hopefully, the weight of this basic pack, not including food or water (called base weight) is under 30 pounds; ideally, under 25, since food and water are going to add up to 10 pounds. Total carrying weight over 35 pounds is too energy-sapping, but you want to have enough stuff that you're not using leaves to cover you at night!


Nancy Toby said...

You forgot makeup. Or is that under "toiletries"?? :-)

ShirleyPerly said...

I agree. Anything over 30 pounds would really be a pain for us smaller women to haul over long distances and especially over any parts of the trail that might involve river crossings or rock hopping. Hope you can get everything in under that.

Ellie Hamilton said...

Very funny, Nancy ;-> (Nancy has read my posts to triathlon lists asking what kind of mascara will hold out for an Ironman.)

Actually, I don't plan on taking any. Imagine!! Sorry, world, this is what a 57-year-old woman looks like!

Jade Lady said...

Ok, no makeup, but what about a stuffed animal (or two)? If you don't have one, I have about 100 you can choose from, but any decisions will have to be approved by the Big Cheese first.

Vickie said...

Ellie, glad to see you are still planning on doing the AT. That's a big thing to plan. Good thing you are so organized!

From Here to There said...

I can't even imagine! When we go camping, we need a car to bring everything. Time to scale back I'd say!

Keep the posts coming Ellie!

Anonymous said...
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