Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Carpe Diem is the topic of a recent post by Jade Lady. I recently met Jade Lady for the first time here in Austin. She's the sister of Shirley Perly, whom I'd met once before at Ironman Florida, and we all met up for lunch one day before the Austin Marathon.

Anyway, Jade Lady comments, on my blog and in private email, that I inspire her. It always astonishes me when someone tells me that -- somehow I never seem to think I could inspire anyone, I'm just me.

But JL's "Carpe Diem" post has inspired me. Seize the day, get 'er done!

I am a procrastinator par excellence. I could probably win the State Championship. Which State should be no problem.... living in our RV, we hit all of 'em.

Like, just now, I walked past the cat box, noted that it needs new litter (*sniff*), and continued past it to the computer. Actually I noticed it yesterday, too. The cat box would have taken 3 minutes and it would have been done. Now it's still hanging over my head.

This morning is rainy and muddy and we work-campers can't continue for now in our fire-ant-infested field (see my last post, "Ants in My Pants"). So I have the "Diem" to:

  • Clean the litter box
  • Straighten the living room (which consists of a sofa and keyboard-piano, shouldn't take that long to fix up, eh?)
  • Do laundry (2-hour undertaking, have to walk down to the laundry room 3 times)
  • I could probably even run, while the laundry's in the washer....

......before I head out to mind the munchkins at the daycare center, where I've given my 2-week notice by now (we're heading back north April 1.) Actually I didn't procrastinate on that one. I turned it in a week ago, with 3 weeks' notice.... I couldn't stand it hanging over my head making me feel guilty. Now they know, and it's a big relief.

I already "practiced" for the AT today by getting up and getting started even though it was raining. (Knowing we wouldn't be working outdoors, I could have stayed in bed, and felt like it.)

Thanks for the push, Jade Lady!


ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, that post inspired me too! Glad to hear the AT plans are rolling along.

Jade Lady said...

On the push, my pleasure!

Speaking of the "P" word, I started feeling guilty as soo as I read this post. So, I started hacking on the mental list of things JadeLady hates to do, but will accomplish today - like ->dust my bedroom, remove the calcification from my dish rack (3 months), clean some bathroom fixtures, and pull some dastardly weeds from my yard. I figure if I do 20 minutes a day of weed pulling, I'll be finished by the end of summer - that's how many dastardly foes I have!

I'm lucky (or unlucky) that my nose is like my cats - smells everything - so litter is done for the moment!