Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Average speed 16.3mph for the 15.87 (hilly) miles, first time out of the 15's, yay!!!

I left half an hour early so I could get in some extra riding before I had to be there. So I rode nearly 25 miles. I'm starting to increase my distance for SavageMan! I rook my usual route and checked my average when I passed the daycare. I am very pleased. Even the Monster Hill was easier than usual.

On another hill, I passed (in my big ring) a guy on a mountain bike (in his smallest gear.) He'd been ahead of me, turning right, at an intersection where I had to wait to turn left. Then I had to wait for traffic in order to cross the road to go to work; he rode past me, I waved, and he yelled with a laugh, "You got me good!"

Yeah, I do some hills in my big ring. I have a theory it makes my legs stronger.

If I am correct, and the Internet says I am although many people say I'm not, Daylight Saving Time starts this Sunday. And if that is right, I can start biking home as well. More mileage on the bike, less on the truck. Win-win.

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Jade Lady said...

Good for you! Man, are you really doing SavageMan? Ah, thank goodness for DST .. Can't wait. Be safe for this upcoming week. Tons of people converging on Austin for the big SXSW shindig in town this week.