Thursday, March 20, 2008


Doesn't seem like two 16-mile bike rides should have tired me out, even with 4 hours of little kids sandwiched in between.

I was pretty active with them: running around their playground, having "animal parades" (we crawl on all fours pretending to be various animals while we make the sounds of the animals, an educational diversion I invented for 1.5-yr-olds), picking them up and swinging them around a lot, going down the slide with them.... that shouldn't tire out a 56-year-old woman, should it?

I can feel yesterday's biking in my legs. The trip out was against 15-25mph wind the whole time. Trip home was better, and I worked on keeping my cadence up with the gears just a click higher than I would have liked.

Guess I'll ride my easy gears today. I'm sleepy. Slept late (8:30.) I guess there's landscaping work going on here at the camp, but I get in most of my hours feeding the animals, so I don't have to go out there digging holes more than about 3 hours a week.

The landowner, faced with more work than can be finished in the week and a half most of us will still be here, has offered $10/hour for work beyond the agreed-upon hours for our sites. I'm tempted to work extra, for maybe another $100 in the till for running shoes, bike shorts, 1/3 of a really good down sleeping bag, or insurance against next month, when we'll be between work-camping jobs and relying on skimpy savings and Steve's retirement check.

Or not. I'm not Superwoman.


Nancy Toby said...

What does 56 have to do with it? Just an AG up from me....

Ellie Hamilton said...

Y'know, you're right... you're just about my age
:-) and running and biking and caring for 2 preschoolers full-time... if you can do it I can do it!