Sunday, March 16, 2008


Image by Digital Revolutions

Because this is the first day of my Appalachian Trail Hike Plan-and-Prep year.

I celebrated by running, a New Year's Day tradition for me. This is only the second time I've run in the 4 weeks since the Austin marathon and I only ran half an hour. But I have got to get back into running shape, to train for SavageMan. I've already picked up my biking by riding home from as well as to work, now that it stays light an hour later.

I took a bag on my and collected 3 of those super-tall beer cans, to make a windscreen for my camp stove (which is made from a Pepsi can.) The more free garbage I can recycle into useable gear, the better.

New Year's Resolution: Do one thing each day to prepare for my hike. I'm gonna do it this time. I can feel it.


Downhillnut said...

Happy New Year! And kudos to you on setting your mind to it. May your year of preparation for the journey be a great and wonderful adventure in itself.

stevehanes said...

Good for you!! I check in sometimes and have noticed you floundering. You sounded much more focused and positive when you were looking forward to hiking.
Also know what you mean about music lessons not working and still need to get that done.


Ellie Hamilton said...

You've noticed me floundering?? Wow. I didn't think it was THAT bad... :-/ But I do feel more focused since I started re-planning. Even signing up for SavageMan didn't do it for me as well.

Holly said...

Happy New Year Ellie! Only 364 Days until you hike the AP! How exciting for you!

Dianne G said...

Hi Ellie. I've been kinda not around for a while, and realized it was through hiker time, and thought to check on you, but it looks like you're a year out. So at least I didn't miss your Smokies transept. I've been learning to live by myself, with various degrees of success. I read with interest your music reading story. Sounds like your stubbornness started early. I also play Clair de lune when Im happy and Rachmaninoff when Im not.

Jade Lady said...

Wow, I remember us talking about this, and now, to see this... I'm really impressed. You really are making me think harder about the things that I want to do, that I've been thinking have been beyond my reach.

Happy New Year to you! So, how do you say that in french?

Ellie Hamilton said...

"Bonne Annee" is Happy New Year. "Happy New Year to you" would be "Bonne Annee a toi." There are some accents over some of the letters that English keyboards don't have.

Digital Revolutions said...

Hello -

Please avoid directly linking to my "Sunrise" image without at least crediting or linking to my site.

Ellie Hamilton said...

Thanks, D.R., and I apologize. It's now credited and linked. Lesson learned.