Thursday, February 02, 2006


Wow, which one to describe first.

1. After a month of hemming and hawing, we have decided to move our RV to a campsite in the "Dog Neighborhood" in a different area of the park. Used to be a specified pet area; now pets are allowed everywhere but folks who come yearly requested specific sites so most of the pet-owners are still in that one area. Being in Dogpatch isn't that big a deal in itself but it seems most of the people we've gotten to know, and most of the "younger" (50's - 60's), more active, more fun people are there.

2. I have changed my Lost Dutchman registration to the half marathon. My new neighbor and biking buddy Pat came up with this idea of increasing our weekly long ride with the goal of doing a round-trip ride to Tucson before Steve and I leave. This is a 160-mile trip. Yeah!!! Can you imagine? But if we increase by just 15 miles, about an hour, each week, we will make it in 7 weeks. But not if I throw a marathon into the mix. I don't think I could run a marathon and do an 80-mile ride in the same week, and with only 7 weeks left, I can't miss a week. I'd so much rather shoot for this ride with Pat and Shannon than run another marathon. I already ran an Arizona marathon and I've seen the Dutchman scenery many times on hikes.

3. Remember that home perm I put in my hair? Ihated it. Too freakin' frizzy. Hair dryer to straighten it, curling iron to curl it, still didn't look or feel good. I got on the Internet and found I could take it out with the same stuff I put it in with.... just put it on my hair, comb it smooth, wait till it stayed smooth, rinse, neutralize, and... TA-DAAAHHH!!! It's straight again! And smoother and silkier than it was when I started (the solution smoothed flat must smooth down the cuticle or something.) I feel way better.

4. I have lost 9 pounds since returning to Weight Watchers in December and some of my clothes are getting too loose to wear. I can't say I follow the program to the letter, but it definitely helping my accountability to check in and pay money.

That's enough changes for today. I have to clean house a little... the preacher is coming over from the church I've been going to. I'm only a transient here, and don't really feel the need for a pastoral visit (I'd rather go biking), but couldn't think of any way to tell him that. Chicken.


E-Speed said...

hmm I never thought about doing a "reverse" perm. That does make sense!

I have had many a bad perm in my time!

nancytoby said...

So what did you do to make the pastor think you required a visit? :-)

Flo said...

How exactly did we live before the internet????

Congrats on the 9lb loss!!!!

Tammy said...

Ok, want me to flip the "science geek" switch? The perm solution de-naturalizes the protein in your hair, breaking whatever bonds it has. Then you put it how you want it, either in curlers or straight, and the bonds reform in that position.

There you have it. Just call me Tammy the science geek. :P

Take it easy on that bike mileage... 10% increases!

Ellie said...

Nancy -- all it took was putting my phone number on the "visitor" card....

Tammy -- Didn't I hear that in "Legally Blonde?" :-)

Cliff said...

You should have ask if the Pastor do any cycling?

The pastor that use to be in my church, before I even went to this chruch, love to cycle. Oh if I only been to this church a year before :).

From Here to There said...

Ellie, you do so much, I'm very impressed!

Way to train smart, easing on the run a little to increase the ride. Very nice to have a riding buddy too!

HUGE congrats on your 9 lb loss! Whatever modified WW program you're doing is obviously working!