Friday, February 03, 2006


Maybe I can get to my blog by writing a new post....

I can't get to my own blog. I can get to the Dashboard and the Edit Posts page but not to my main blog. I keep getting "Forbidden: You are not authorized to view this page with the credentials you supplied."

When we changed campsites of course we had to disconnect and re-install our satellite receiver. I don't know if this could be related or not.

I can get to other people's blogs.... not mine. When I try by clicking a link at someone else's blog, I get the same thing: "Forbidden... You are not authorized...."

I tried signing out and signing back in. No change. I turned off my computer and turned it on again. No change.

This is weird.

If this post goes through, and anyone has any input, please email me! (I don't know whether comments on my blog will come through in my inbox as usual, since I don't know if my blog is speaking to me or not.


Vickie said...

Well here is a comment as a test. I have no idea what your problem is though, since I can't figure out my own. LOL!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Blogger has been weird this week. I can't comment on some blogs and I've seen comments of others having a