Friday, January 12, 2007


Item 1:
Revelation in a novel I've been reading:
"If your heart is in the right place, how can you make a mistake?"

Well, I'd revise that a little...... If your heart is in the right place, you'll be forgiven your mistakes. No one says we can't make them.

I'm still coming to terms with still being an OK person even if I screw up. But my heart is almost without exception in the right place.

Item 2:
My computer is preventing me from accessing my Blog account, my Yahoogroups, and any other link I try to access from any webpage I've gotten to. I can get to the main page but can't sign in, comment, or otherwise get to another part of the website. This is only on my own laptop. I'm on my husband's laptop now and I'm able to go anywhere I want. Anyone have any clues on that? On my computer when I click a sign-in or submit button I get "Page cannot be displayed." I'm getting my mail OK.

Item 3:
I ran a mile today, first run in a week since the last time I buggered up my piriformis muscle and surrounding support structures. It felt OK, a little something but not much. Guess I'll go to the 5K tomorrow and take it easy.

Item 4:
I GOT ON MY BIKE for the first time sine IMFL. Didn't ride far.... about 1/10 of a mile down to the neighbor's (who happens to be my employer) to see their new puppy. It's a Labradoodle, or would be had they gotten it from a breeder for mucho bucks (I've seen those Lab-poodle mixes in the classifieds for $1500.) But they got it from the SPCA for only whatever the adoption fee is. From a breeder it would be a Labradoodle, but we've decided that since it's from the SPCA (an abbreviation) it's a Loodle. Looks like a yellow Lab with odd little "furlets" here and there. 8 weeks old. Sooooo adorable... I want one......

Anyway, the new puppy was excitement enough to get me on my bike. I figured, to their house and back was not a big commitment to biking. I could hardly remember how to shift. My chain has rust spots. The bike was covered with dust.

However, with a bike-shop gift card my mother conspired with Steve to get me for Christmas, I put a new saddle in layaway last week; while there, I signed up for a series of 3 bike-maintenance classes, and put in requests to be off work those 3 evenings.

So I must be planning on doing more biking sometime.

Who knows, I might even do another triathlon.

Wish my own computer would let me into my own accounts.

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