Saturday, January 20, 2007


Photo of the day:

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This is from awhile back. Daughter Avery wanted some tragic/spooky/bizarre pictures taken in a cemetery and this is one of them. I can't get my computer to accept my photo-reading card today, so I can't download any I take till I get that figured out. I think this whole computer is on its way downhill. It's old. This means, I gotta QUICK get all my photos onto CD's before they're gone forever.

But... talk about CLUTTER.... I have THOUSANDS of photos in my computer. Putting them on CD's will mean weeding out the ones I don't want or need. And that's hard to do, because I take SO MANY in the hopes of snapping that one change-the-world, Ansel-Adams, Pulitzer-Prize shot.

~Sigh~ I guess I'll just buy a lot of CD's... they don't take up that much room.

Off for a run now, 6 miles or an hour, whichever comes first. Wind is WNW 24mph with gusts at 36. Air temp is 32*F, wind chill 22*. Aw, heck, running at 22*F isn't that bad. I'm sucking it up. I'm outa here.

Today's training: 6 miles; not sure of time, forgot to restart my watch after stopping for Journey to poop. I think abou 70 minutes. Slow and slogging and definitely against the wind.


Fe-lady said...

I like the photo! Interestingly enough I was just playing around with some old photos of a cemetery
that I used to play in growing up...I sent some to my sisters...
And about the senior game stuff- you did the one up in Phoenix- right? This was in Sierra Vista. I can still enter for the one up north (I think!) if I want to go...
glad you had a nice person on the phone that was willing to bend the rules!

KLN said...

Beautiful shot, you are really talented!