Saturday, January 20, 2007


Why now, nearly 3 months after Ironman Florida?

Because I've been working on my sidebar and saw I had a marathon packing list but no Ironman list. And when I went and found my ChesapeakeMan packing list, I saw I've changed some things since then. I've also added some stuff I wish the hell I'd had at IMFL when I was so cold on the run I could hardly move, and lost probably 20 minutes hugging the gas generators running the course floodlights.... I wanted to warm up more than I minded breathing a little carbon monoxide :-)

Here it is, folks:

Swim/Start/Finish Bag:
What I'll wear to the race and need before start and after finish (sweats worn over tri-suit or swimsuit, warm wool socks, sock-friendly sandals, hairbrush)
Sunscreen on face only, until after body-marking
Race Swim cap
Goggles (already cleaned with anti-fog stuff)
Extra goggles
Energy food easily accessible (in case start is delayed b/c of weather or surf conditions)
Baby powder (helps my wetsuit slide on)
Protectant for exposed skin if jellyfish are present (Safe Sea is good)

T-1/bike stuff:
Vinegar or Benadryl Spray if stung by jellyfish
2 hand towels (less cumbersome than one big towel)
Race belt and number
Bike shorts (if not worn under wetsuit)
Sport bra (if not worn under wetsuit)
Jersey (if not worn under wetsuit)
Baby powder to dry the last traces of dampness from feet
Bike shoes
Bike gloves
Spare contacts, small bottle of solution
Helmet (if not checked in with bike)
In jersey pockets:
Small sunscreen
Tube of Neosporin (for road rash; also a good skin lube)
Succeed capsules (salt)
Excedrin (pain reliever, mild anti-inflammatory, little hit of caffeine)
Pepto-Bismol or Pepcid Complete
Epi-Pen (bees, fire ants)
Full gel flask
On bike:
2 water bottles
2 CO2 cannisters taped to seat post
Bandana tied to aerobars, long enough to reach nose w/o untying
Bento Box with:
Foods of choice -- these are mine:
PayDay Bars cut in chunks
Fruit gumdrops
Cheese-filled Combos
String cheese already slightly opened
Lip balm
Spare contacts
$10 – you never know…
2 tubes
3 CO2 cannisters & nozzle thingie
2 tire levers
Large Bandaids
Disinfectant wipes
Eyeglass wipes
Kleenex pack in case I have to make an unscheduled pit stop
Extra shoe cleat and screws (in baggie to find easily)
Extra handlebar end piece
Small flat pack of duct tape

BikeSpecial Needs Bag(all “loseable” stuff, since I won't use all of it)
2nd flask of gel
Refill on all Bento Box food, in baggie (just empty it in)
Dill pickle & juice in plastic spice bottle
V-8 juice
Bottle of Boost or can of Slim-Fast (I hate Ensure)
Spare tube
Spare CO2 cannister

T-2/Run stuff
Run top if changing
Run shorts if changing
Underpants & sports bra if changing
HRM to assess whether I'm still alive in later miles
Change of socks (just in case)
Running shoes
Waist pack with:
Reflective tape on back and belt
Little tube of Vaseline
Salt capsules
Excedrin; Imodium; Pepto-Bismol or Pepcid Complete
Anti-nausea pills (Nauzene)
Gum to get the taste out of my mouth in case I throw up
Long-sleeved shirt (yeah, it fits in my waist pack)
Small, lightweight flashlight
Extra batteries for flashlight
Bug repellent wipes
Spare contacts (like I'm going to go through 3 pairs of contacts)
Gels etc. if not counting on what’s at aid stations
Hairbrush – to make myself beautiful in last mile for finish photo

Run Special Needs Bag ( all “losable” stuff)
Jacket; 2nd long-sleeved shirt
Long pants
V-8 Juice
Dill pickle in plastic spice bottle


TriGirl 40 said...

Thank you so much for posting this list - there are many things I would have never thought of - but could see why you'd want them. I'll be using this for Eagleman and IMFL this year! THANKS!

Miss Rachel said...

I don't do triathlons, but I love reading lists like this. My favorite item: "Hairbrush – to make myself beautiful in last mile for finish photo." :-)

Kewl Nitrox said...

And now, finally, the journey is complete. ;)

Cliff said...

Woah that's quite a list.

I never thought of putting pepto pismo on my list before.

Rachel said...

Wow. That's very comprehensive. You are very prepared. I will have to look this over for some good ideas. Thanks!

momo said...

wow, ellie, thanks! i'm doing imcda this year and will be sure to make use of much of your list. thanksf or taking the time to put it together!

Favorite Apron said...

Hey Ellie - you sure are lookin good! Love your hair.

Just wanted to let you know that after much struggle, I just swam my first mile.

Good luck to you this year in your events.

Polly in OH

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Great list. Hopefully it will something I get to use someday.