Friday, January 19, 2007

MY DAY (and it's not over yet....)

You'd think, with that title, it would be something amazing.

It wasn't.

I got a bee in my bonnet to take one good (or passable) photo a day and post it. A Photo A Day. Took this, of everyday life in our RV:

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Then we decided to go to an RV show in nearby Leesburg, VA (or thereabouts.) Excited about more photos, I took my camera.

So excited was I that, while we waited in line at the McDonald's drive-thru, I jumped out of the truck to "shoot" a car's rear-view mirror reflecting the face of the pit bull who sat in the driver's seat. When I looked up from my camera, I saw Steve just pulling away from the order-speaker. I jumped back in: "Did you get me anything?" Poor Steve: "No, I didn't know what you'd want, and when you got out, I figured you didn't want anything." Poor me: At the pay window we added a Diet Coke for me. I wasn't hungry anyway. I looked at the pit-bull pic in my camera. Blank screen displaying, "No CF Card." Damn! It was still in my computer from downloading Journey and my husband's feet!! So much for cool photos of an expo full of RV's.

Home, next project: rearrange cupboards to make better use of space in our RV. Put things nearer the point of use, yeah, that's the ticket. Things we microwave, go near the microwave. Things we drink, go near the sink. Glasses are already near the sink because that's where we use them. Plates also are near the sink, because that's where we put them when they come out of the sink.

There is only so much space near the sink in an RV.

But I put the microwavable things nearer the microwave, which is under the glasses and plates and beside the sink. Actually, the cupboard where I put the microwave things, used to house the microwave. But the microwave gave out, and when we pulled it out to replace it, WOW!!!! THAT'S A BIG STORAGE SPACE!! So we bought a smaller microwave and put it on a little wire fake-shelf thingie on the counter, so I still have counter space underneath it, where my mini-food-processor goes.

The counter is now full of stuff we drink, which I took out of the microwave cupboard. (Crystal Light, milk-flavoring powders, Diet Pepsi, Gatorade, sugar for tea...) The sofa is full of cans from the cupboard. I haven't decided which new place to put each category of stuff yet.

But, moving stuff around from one cupboard to another gives me the illusion that I'm organizing stuff and reclaiming some control of my life.

In another attempt at said reclamation of control, I have joined an email group of "De-Clutterers." Maybe I'll learn how to control my stuff.... after I learn to find it. Maybe they work on cluttered-up time, too. Like, just what I need for that is, another email group to keep up with....

Just like the little shelf units and stacking baskets I keep buying to organize my clutter, which wind up just being more clutter....

Training today:
Nope. Rest day. Plus, 20mph wind gusting to 36mph... yuck.


nancytoby said...

Um, you mean the RV show near Dulles, that Steve Toby also went to today???? Gosh, if I knew you were interested in going there, I could have brought the girls over and made a day of it!!

Dianne W. said...
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Dianne W. said...

Which de-clutter list did you join? Have a look at

TxSkatemom said...

wow -- if all you own fits in an RV, and you still have stuff to get rid of, you are my hero! I am constantly trying to get rid of everything in our house except photos and the kids! and it's a losing battle!

Vickie said...

Knowing what your RV looks like, I am amazed at how you stay organized as well as you do. I go through the same thing at work, since my work space is probably comparable to what your kitchen space is in the RV.

PuddyRat said...

You and I both struggle with clutter. I'm going to be making a concerted effort this spring/summer to sell/donate/trash a bunch of stuff. I do NOT want to become my mother!