Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Oh, wow.

I just spent a couple hours copying all my training logs for 2006 from to, which is the website my coach uses to write my workouts, and where I log them for her. I was using CoolRunning as well because I like the format better. But it was too cumbersome to be keeping up 2 logs... I'm trying to cut down on my computer use, consolidating and condensing where I can.

But wow.

Copying the info, I could not believe the weeks I was putting in, in January and February. If IM AZ registration had still been open, I could have done it. I was doing 2 workouts many days; two 100+ mile bike rides 2 weeks apart with a PR half-marathon the week in between. Running 6 or 8 miles a few days after a marathon. Biking 75 miles on Monday, 45 on Friday, 100 the next Monday. That would kill me now.

I keep telling myself I'm in my 2-week marathon-recovery period and not to be discouraged or take these couple weeks as representative of my fitness. Things are going to start picking up again this weekend. Tomorrow I'm on for my usual Thursday 30-mile ride to and from my mom's with probably 4 hours of fairly-heavy housecleaning in between; Friday is work at the gym 7-4 but a rest day from training; Saturday is work at the gym 8-2 and ride 40 miles; Saturday is run 8 miles, my first run since the Hatfield-McCoy Marathon.

I cannot believe what I was doing in January and February.


Holly said...

Ellie - You are far from a slacker!! Give that body some recovery time and you'll be hitting the high milage again in no time (like this weekend .....)

IMFL is how many months away?

:) Keep it up!

Rachel said...

Enjoy where you are now! We tend to be SO hard on ourselves. However, you are in INCREDIBLE shape. You just did a marathon! I had the same feeling after plugging my training log into Excel and graphing everything. 2 years ago, I was training twice this much, I kept telling myself. But I feel stronger and healthier now. You have to focus on where you are now.

Kewl Nitrox said...

recovery is often more important than exercise. Give your body time to recover and you will get stronger and faster because of it. God Bless!

E-Speed said...

Everything you do is amazing and you obviously keep busy even when you aren't training as much!

Madame La Blog said...

Ellie, it's normal to feel all disenfranchised during a recovery period. A marathon is a Big Thing! Don't forget that just b/c you have done so many of 'em!

And the human bod is so amazing. You have plenty of time til November to re-prioritize your training. I do remember that in your IM RR you said that the farthest run you did in training was 15m. Well , now you have been spending a lot of time running, (you have done 2 marathons since i started following your blog) that gives you less 'training hours" in the log book but more stress on yoru body.

Don't worry - it's partially
just numbers playing tricks on you. And partially legitimate recovery that you will need in order to remain fresh and enthusiastic for the rest of your trianing. Bring it on!!! :-))) HEIDI