Saturday, June 03, 2006


Hey, for the first day on a new job, it went off smooth as silk. Actually it wasn't very busy at all. I cleaned the whole place up, and then went around and did 12 reps on every machine in there, at weights that pushed me to fatigue but not failure at 12 reps. It was fun but I'm not used to it... I'm a little sore in some places.

Many of the people who came in were regulars who didn't need anything except a "Hello," which of course to me means "Shoot the breeze about your workout program and what's going on in your life." But this is what we are supposed to do with customers -- make them feel we're interested in them, that we like them, that we want them to have the very best workout and the most success possible.

I sat next to one guy, he on one machine and I on the next, both of us lifting while we talked about RV'ing -- he's been pondering it and was really interested. Then he asked about triathlon, since I was wearing a race shirt. So we talked about that, while lifting, moving from machine to machine. Obviously neither of us was working very hard but it was chummy.

One guy I felt like I remembered from another incarnation.... which was true. (Remember, this is the area where we lived for 30 years where we're "back for the summer.") He had to tell me who he was, because last time I saw him he was a pudgy, sort of spacey 10-year-old. Not anymore... he's grown up and working out to meet the physical requirements to join the Navy. He's worried about running 1.5 miles in 12 minutes. Can't keep up an 8-minute mile yet. I suggested he do quarter-miles at a faster pace, like 1:50 for a quarter, with recovery jogs, rather than busting butt trying to run a whole mile in 8 minutes. He had never heard of interval training and acted like I'd given him the Good News.

We're supposed to do that, too... advise clients if we know what we're talking about; make sure their form is correct on the machines (like I'd know....) help them select the right resistance/pace/incline/weight for their ability and goals... yeah, on 3 hours training. I knew being a runner, biker, etc. would come in handy, as would being a nurse.... as such I did have training in lifting, but not weight-machines.... human beings, actually, and other heavy things, but the principles are more or less the same.

I think I like my job. The assistant manager came on duty after me, and she didn't call and ask what the heck happened in the cash register, or anything. Actually it was a little like working in the doctor's office, but not nearly as taxing mentally or emotionally. I'm happy.


Kurt in Boston said...

Sounds like a fun low-key, low-stress job.

Hmmm. Sounds pretty good, actually.

Deb said...

Sounds like a good gig to me! Enjoy taking advantage of what sounds like a kick back job with some good bennies!

nancytoby said...

Sounds perfect! Just don't let them use momentum to get the weights started, or bounce them or drop them. Those are the biggies. :-)

Jack said...

Wow, sounds like a dream job.

My wife and I dream of an R.V. some day. We rented one once for a couple weeks, several years ago and were hooked.