Saturday, June 17, 2006


My microwave is broken!! =:-O
After my bike ride home from my mom's last night I put in a potato and the mike made a loud buzzing noise and didn't cook. I smacked it a few times and tried again but no luck.
I felt totally helpless! How to cook a quick potato without a microwave???  I ended up cutting it in little pieces and boiling it. This morning I got out my oatmeal bowl and then realized, I can't cook it in this bowl. I'm going to have to cook it on the stove.
25 years ago I maintained that I didn't need a newfangled $400 (they cost that much then) radioactive device to heat up my leftovers.
How times have changed. I felt totally helpless to cook a potato until I shifted my brain into "back when" mode.
Now we have to find a new mike that fits in the space over the stove in our camper. There are a lot of things we need to pay off. I have a feeling our gas stove is going to get a lot more use for a while.
This is getting more and more like camping all the time. I've always said you can't call it "camping" when you have 2 TV's and a microwave. The other night the satellite signal suddenly quit on the bedroom TV. The one in the living room still works. With one thing and another, Steve hasn't gotten around to looking at the dish connection for the bedroom one.
So we're down to one TV and no microwave. Am I a happy camper? Not sure!!


Geek Girl said...

it's amazing the things we come to depend on? Don't know if this will help, but for traveling I just take and electric hot pot everywhere and make instant oatmeal. by the way, why DO we hit things to try to make them work?

Jack said...

He-he, the troubles of a modern day camper ;-)

We rented a travel home in the late 90's and drove around Germany for 12 days, the best vacation we ever had. Some day we want to have our own, complete with microwave and SAT!