Sunday, June 11, 2006


I am having the worst time trying to post pictures. After I got these loaded, it just quit. I tried posting some in a new post, in case I'd reached the limit for one post or something. I still can't post any. After I click on "Done," nothing happens. This is aggravating. I had this idea to do a photojournal of the Hatfield-McCoy Marathon but I may be relegated to just a plain old prose report if I can't load any pictures. This sucks.

You can't read this, but it says "Phelps Funeral Home." They're set up for a service. And you never know when one of the mourners might have to answer a call of nature.

Good thing for the blue-painted feet.... I'd never have believed this was the way. It was kind of like being on a Hash Run, with "clues" often leading to "Bad Trails."

But there were so many truly beautiful moments....

Including this outdoor wedding -- a Hatfield and a McCoy -- with an Elvis lookalike doing an amazing rendition of "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You."

"...And I leave my Christmas lights on on my front porch all year long..."

The Green Mile

Hillbilly Trophies?

WrayJean and Kathy still look great... what happened to me?

Scenic view on the drive home

On the way home

I was surprised, that evening after driving home right after the marathon, at how tired I wasn't. It caught up with me the next day. Ouch. Yawn. This is Day 2 afterwards, and although I'm not as tired, my quads are still sore.

I'll post more pictures if I ever figure out what's wrong... and if I can't post more pics, I'll get wordy.


E-Speed said...

great pics! Love the skirt!

nancytoby said...

I had problems posting pics today too. It's blogger, not you.

Vickie said...

You all look great! Which one is WrayJean? BTW, I really like your shorter do! Great job. I felt like I was there with you. Sounds like it was fun--the only way to go.