Saturday, June 24, 2006


After work today I did my prescribed 40-mile ride. Tomorrow is an 8-mile run, my first since the Hatfield-McCoy Marathon 2 weeks ago. I've been keeping moving with biking and swimming, but poor Journey may have gotten a little out of shape, with my tapering before and recovering after the marathon. I'll feed her well tonight and then give her an aspirin after our run tomorrow.

Thanks to all my friends for the supportive comments! It helps!

Oops, one thing I am definitely slacking on.... that is my friends' blogs. I just found out that Nancy had a birthday yesterday. If I'd been up-to-date on her blog I'd have known that and not found out the day after.

Anyway.... anyone who's even more behind than I am.... go see Nancy and wish her a happy "extended" birthday!

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