Wednesday, May 03, 2006


We are back in Maryland!! Hallelujah!!! Our location is Deep Creek Lake State Park for the whole summer. So, anyone coming this way.... give a holler! It's a very popular vacation spot. Daytime temps rarely over 80*, rural roads for biking and running, a big lake for swimming, boating, kayaking, water-skiing, fishing.

So we are "settled," but... sigh, the Time Crunch has hit again. I've got so many projects and to-do's I can't see where to start. Today.... I need to go to Goodwill (about 18 miles each way) and get shorts and long pants to wear as a Park staff member... they give us shirts but we're supposed to find our own pants. They're supposed to be sort of olive green (the color my college roommate in 1969 called "diarrhea green") and I am not going to a clothing store and pay $$$ for them when I hate the color and can get them for a couple bucks at Goodwill.

Today also, I want to put my new cadence computer on my bike. I also need to wash/clean/lube said bike. It needs a tune-up and I don't want to take a dirty bike for a tune-up. I'm supposed to run 40 minutes. I need to clean up our trailer. I need to vacuum.

I need to start sorting through my photo files and printing some frameable ones, matting them and framing a couple, for display and hopefully sale at the local artists' gallery; art exchange day is May 12. I need to make the photo t-shirts I've planned for my mother's birthday present (her BD was April 17....)

I'll be "making rounds" of 200+ campsites every day for PR, anyone-need-anything?, reminders to store food inside on account of bears and raccoons, reminders to put bike helmets on kids and leashes on dogs, handing out leave-no-trace and clean-up-your-dog's-poop trash bags, and whatever else comes up. Thank goodness hardly anyone's here yet.

I need to get off of here to start getting some of at least today's stuff done. I was going to make a list, but I just read online about a woman who printed out her "to do" list and it turned out to be 15 pages long. Forget it.... that would be guaranteed to bring on hot flashes in clusters. And no, they are not Power Surges.... they do not spur you to any action or ambition other than to open the freezer and slap a bag of frozen peas on your face and stuff another one down your shirt.

I do, however, think it would be funny to wear, in races/marathons, instead of my first name across my shirt, a name tag that says "Hot Flash." I think people yelling, "Go, Hot Flash!!" would be very empowering! Especially if I dress in something hot and flashy. Guess that excludes my cutoffs.


TriFeist said...

Go girl. You've got a lot going on but you're one of the few people who can get it all done.

*jeanne* said...

"Go, Hot-Flash!" works for me! :-)

MARYLAND all summer??? HMMMMMMMM....gotta check my maps, see where y'all are staying...