Saturday, May 27, 2006


Well, actually I've got one accomplishment down today, and it wasn't even planned: I re-organized all my computer bookmarks, and now maybe my computer will be more manageable. A lot of them were my husband's before I inherited this antique laptop from him when he got his cool new one.

  • What I need to do:
    *Find my mother an insurance policy
    *Report on said policy to my uncle, her financial advisor (actually I worked on that for a couple hours last night and again this morning)
    *Finish marking trail-blazers and repairing trail maps on the park's hiking trails
    *Bathe my dog
    *Walk said dog around campground teaching her not to bark at other dogs
    *Clean my 2-room RV mansion
    *Run 18 miles
  • *Go grocery shopping
  • *Go to the laundromat
  • *Get off this computer and go do some of it....

You can probably see I tried to make a bulleted list and screwed it up.

I am really tired. Swam and biked yesterday after a week of no exercise due to another urinary-tract infection, which knocked me flat for 2 days. In fact, my bike ride was my return trip from the dr's office, since my husband needed the truck and had dropped my bike and me off at the doctor's. It was OK to exercise.... I've been on medicine for a week, and just needed a recheck.

UPDATE, 8pm:

I didn't do any of it. I went to sleep. Maybe I'm still knocked flat.


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Glad at least one of us is getting some things

Deb said...

ahhh...we've all been there. ALL of those will wait. You have plenty going on so do it as you can and take care of yourself! Any word on the gym position?

Kewl Nitrox said...

Sometimes, when there is A LOT to do, the best thing is to sleep and re-energise (at least that's what I tell myself). :P

Now get on with wittling down that TO DO list!

Rachel said...

it's okay not to do anything. i get so overwhelmed sometimes. it helps to say: "I don't HAVE to do anything."