Thursday, May 18, 2006


I went to town for grocery shopping, and after I got on the road I realized I'd left the laundry at home and thus wouldn't have to go to the laundromat. I decided then to make it MY day, take a mental-health day. I had already told my mother I wouldn't be coming until tomorrow -- to sort, clean, cope -- planned for today integrating a 15-mile bike to and from. My quads are sore and I'm taking a rest day. My coach approves. 
At the library I looked for the "Total Immersion" DVD, which wasn't available, there or anywhere in the Maryland library system, but I found a set DVD's of "Remington Steele" -- anyone remember that show, with Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist? The set has ALL the episodes. I used to watch that show, sip straight Crème de Cacao or peach brandy, and sigh. It was my one hour of "me" time each week. The kids were 2, 6, and 9 at the time and they knew that only if the house was on fire could Mommy be interrupted during "Remington Steele" although they could watch it quietly with me if they wished. I've already watched the pilot episode and part of the second one. I can keep it a week.
I browsed around Super Wal-Mart just seeing what they had. I tried on "Athletic Works" running shoes (lousy, what did I expect at Wal-Mart.) I went back and forth, back and forth, comparing pillows on one side of the store with fiberfill to make my own on the other. I walked slow. When I thought of something I wanted to look at I went and looked at it. I took a bathroom break. I took my time, which I never get to do when Steve is along, because we set a time to stop and it's never enough for me to do more than grab a few things.
I found non-prescription bifocals -- clear glass w/ a magnifying bifocal section in the usual place -- which I love. No more reading glasses hanging around my neck on a string, putting them on, taking them off about every 45 seconds. And as long as I was being dorky with bifocals, I took dorky to the nth degree with clip-on sunglasses for them. Now I can ride my bike and see both where I'm going and the numbers on my bike computer. They don't wrap around for side protection but things don't usually hit my eyes from the side when I'm on the bike. I'm happy as a clam. I don't mind wearing glasses as long as they don't distort my eyes or my vision like my nearsighted ones.... my contacts are -7.00, so my glasses are Coke-bottle-bottoms. I'm going to wear these all the time, along with my contacts. I am so comfortable with them. They only had "men's" frames but they have the "aviator wire-rims" look that was hot in the late 60's. I can live with that. Takes me back.
I got fluffy fiberfill and a sheet, sewed the sheet into a large sack, filled it with the fiberfill and now I have a fluffy mattress-topper for my side of the bed. I haven't been able to get comfortable since we moved into this camper (2 years) because the damn mattress (on a platform bed with hidden storage underneath) is so hard. We've gotten an "eggcrate" foam topper, and a memory-foam topper, but it's still hard. I tried my creation on the bed and it's like lying on a cloud, cliché I know, but it's lovely. I need a couple more bags of fiberfill to make it perfect but it's wonderful already.
I just hung around and looked at stuff. I compared prices, colors, ready-made vs. do-it-myself, read labels, and otherwise lollygagged as much as I wanted.
At the non-Wal-Mart drug store I got new Spenco insoles for my running shoes. My metatarsals have been aching.
I am not training today. 30-mile bike (to Mom's and back) was scheduled but I skipped it. I am not shoveling ashes out of fire pits. I am not looking at insurance policies for the elderly. Tomorrow I'll do my swim, which energizes and relaxes me, then DRIVE from the pool to Mom's, help her clean, fill a prescription for her, and while I'm up there see if I can get my 2 other bags of the same fluffy fill for my mattress-topper at the craft store near her.
This is a total mental-health day. I am not doing anything I "have" to do. Maybe now that the sewing machine is out and Abbie is not here I'll do the pockets and alterations I've been wanting to get to. I am so relaxed just doing "me" stuff. I've got a shot of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum in peach-flavored sparkling water. All I need now is a good thunderstorm to top the day off perfectly.
Have no thought for tomorrow, for tomorrow will have woes of its own. This is my day, with NOTHING going on.


bunnygirl said...

Here, try these instead of clip-on sunglasses. Sometimes my allergies are just way too bad for me to wear contacts, and these are great!

Vickie said...

Yes, we all need those days. I feel guilty when I take them, but at the same time I figure I'm old enough that I can do what I want. I'm the only one who has to answer to me.
As for contacts, I've got you WAY beat. +6.50 for one eye, +8.50 for the other. They both could be +8.50, but that is only good for closeup and I am not into the bifocal thing.
As for your mom's stuff, like I said, I'm there with you every day almost. This week it was getting the CD rollover to take place without the bank thinking my sister and I were hookers or something trying to rip a helpless old man off. (Oh yeah, that happened!)

You just take those days when you need them!

Downhillnut said...

FINALLY, you sound like you're getting the hang of this retirement thing. I want to see more of these kinds of days in your life - you deserve 'em!

Rachel said...

I love those mental health days. Sometimes it helps to remind yourself that you really don't HAVE to do anything. Good for you.

E-Speed said...

Sounds like a great day Ellie! Hope you are enjoying it thouroughly!

Deb said...

Good for you Ellie. Taking care of yourself is a must and I'm sure well deserved! I LOVE those days, where you just wander can be soo relaxing. I can relate to the reading glasses thing...funny how many of us can now, huh? ;)
Remembr to make more of your days "my days"!

KLN said...

I hope you enjoyed your day. Breaks like that are sooooo necessary!