Thursday, May 25, 2006


Wow! Our daughter-in-law works out at a gym near here and reported to me last night that they have a Help Wanted sign on their door. So this morning I went over and talked to the assistant manager. They want a receptionist/cleaning person/someone-to-be-there, hopefully someone who's at least mildly interested in fitness and might be able to communicate with customers, maybe even help folks get the machines started. She gave me an application, which I filled out as we talked (2 workout-freak chicks talking about a gym, one of them filling out an app... how good does it get?) She told me to come back this evening to talk to the owner/manager, which I did.

He said... everything looks great and he can't see why they shouldn't hire me except.... I'm overqualified and he can't afford me. I told him I didn't expect to earn what I did as a nurse.

I told him Kris (the assistant) had already told me it was minimum wage and that he probably noticed on my app that I'm RETIRED from nursing. I'm thrilled to do laid-back paying job that's down my athletic alley.

I think they couldn't get much luckier than to have a marathoner-triathlete-unemployed-nurse person come in and apply for a 15-20 hr/week position to answer the phone, show people how to use the machines, clean the locker rooms, machines and tanning bed, and, oh, yeah, be able to tell if someone is having a heart attack and knows what to do if someone passes out. And wants a non-demanding job she can do around her Ironman training.

Plus I'd get free use of the facility. You can even work out while working, if it's not real busy, as long as you get off the machines to check people in and don't hog the treadmill if customers want it. And if I'm done working out, I can read or watch TV or whatever, as long as I pay attention to who's coming in and make sure everything's going along like it should.

I told the guy I didn't know about his take on it but as far as I could see, the job and I couldn't be much better for each other.

He's going to see if they get any other bites over the weekend (I'm the first and only so far) and let me know either way on Tuesday.

What do you wanna bet he's holding out for someone younger? And I could never prove it... he'd just claim it was the "overqualified" thing.

Just because I'm a nurse doesn't mean I'm above cleaning bathrooms. It beats emptying bedpans.


Deb said...

That would be very cool....just hold out and see what happens. I think you'd be a great catch for that place!!!

Flo said...

How great would that be??? Here's hoping it works out for you.

Kewl Nitrox said...

You are right. They would be lucky to have you, and if that guy can't see that, it's his lost!

Will pray that you get the job! :)

Rachel said...

It would be way-cool to work at a gym. Sounds perfect. I bet you get the job. Congrats!

Vickie said...

Being about your same age, I would guess, yeah, it probably is an age thing. As if you might scare someone off?? It could be he himself is threatened by your "age"--probably doesn't know how to relate. I would think someone older, wiser, and more experienced would be a plus. If the young'uns see the "oldsters" working out, they just might get inspired! Good luck. It sounds perfect for you.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

The "over-qualified" comment always annoys me. Sometimes people just don't get it, you applied cause you wanted it, not because you're deparate...sheeeshhh. They'd be lucky to have you and you don't look old, act old heck you'd be awesome.

Good luck.

PuddyRat said...

I, too, think you would be a great fit. Maybe you could suggest he give you two weeks to see how it works out. You may decide you don't want to do it after all. Or, you may win him over to your side and show him that "mature" women have value. You could propose that you could potentially increase sales by getting the more mature crowd, the ones with MONEY (after all, money talks, BS walks), to sign up at his establishment. Appeal to his bottom line.

In the meantime, your comments cracked me up, "beats emptying bedpans." No doubt. Also loved the posts about the chipmunk and the fawn. Geez, what a great job you have. Hope all is going well with Mom.

TriFeist said...

This would be great for your training. Hope it works out.