Thursday, April 27, 2006


Camera update: Well, my camera card (not "kamera kard," thank you very much, Kewl, but very kute) isn't working, but I found the USB cord to plug my camera directly into the computer, so I'm in business again.

Where we are: Pickerington, OH, which is near Canal Winchester, where one of our daughters lives, which is near Columbus, where our other daughter lives. It is NOT a KOA (Kampgrounds of America.) We'll be here for a glorious 5 days w/o having to move again, and then a one-day trip to Maryland, where we'll be home for the summer.

My hair is gone =:-O See profile pic and my "Delirium Tremens" post below. Kind of accidentally, but I love it!! The funny thing is, Steve did it for me. I had been thinking of a really short cut but decided to go just to my shoulders for a start. I cut a little piece where I wanted it and asked Steve to cut it that length. He has trimmed my hair before and done a nice job. I figured if it didn't work, I could always go to the salon and get it cut again. But I had this layered cut, and Steve mistook one of the shorter layers for the one I had cut as a guide and... it ended up like this. But I LOVE it!!! It's so easy! It's not stringy! My growing-out bangs blend right in! All the dead stuff is gone! It's not dry and broken!! Helmet-hair fluffs right out! (This pic is moments after I got off a 2-hr ride... just ran my fingers through it and I can face the world like this!) I should have done it a year ago.

Evil dog: At the office of this campground, they have a SIGN with a LIST of dogs you can't bring in. Chow. Rottweiler (from which some have speculated Journey may have derived some of

her heritage), Doberman (from which some have speculated the same), German Shepherd (which they called her at the pound , a "shepherd mix"), pit bull (no known relation) OR any mixed breed containing one or more of the above. I told Journey, "If anyone asks, you're black Lab and beagle, got it?"


E-Speed said...

The cut looks great! Your husband did a good job!

KLN said...

I noticed the shorter hair and I love it! I'm thinking of cutting mine off, and now I'm really inspired!

jessie_tri_mn said...

That looks great!

I just cut my hair off too. I wish my hubby could give me fab haircuts!

Rachel said...

I hate it when people stereotype dogs. I love Dobermans, by the way. Beautiful dogs. I believe there are just bad owners, not bad dogs. Love your hair, by the way.

Ellie said...

I agree. Every Dobie, Rott, and Pit I've met in person has been a big baby that bounced on its elbows, waggled, and rolled on its back for a belly-rub. OTOH, I wouldn't try to pet an unattended one behind a chainlink fence marked "Beware of Dog." But I wouldn't do that if it was a toy poodle either.

PuddyRat said...

I happen to LOVE the new do! But I'm a fan of short hair these days with all the training I do. I know what a pain long hair can be, having had it almost to my waist for many, many years.

Easy on those wheel adventures, eh? That baby was loose and wobbled which is why the bolts sheared off. I've had that happen to me on another part of my car. But it was a long time ago and worthy of a story in its own right.

Keep up with those pictures.

Vickie said...

Ah yes, I remember well Pickerington and Canal Winchester, OH. Also Reynoldsburg. Too bad the daughter doesn't live there anymore, or I'd be heading down for a visit.

Love the hair! I got to see it right after your last cut. Also, Journey is a well behaved beagle mix, right?

Madame La Blog said...

OMG, Steve is a hairdresser too? Who needs a stinkin satellite disc when your man can do your HAIR?

That is too funny . The cut looks great. I have that length also, just long enough to pull it all back, but short enough that it dries quicker than before.

I always say, comfortable people are beautiful people :-)

Kewl Nitrox said...

You are a BRAVE, BRAVE soul to let your hubby cut your hair. Glad it turned out fantastic but I would never be able to convince my wife to let me try to cut her hair. :)

Poor Journey, having to pretend to be part beagle is just too much!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

love the hair and glad the camera's fixed. I recently cutoff about 4 inches as well and love it.