Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Wow! I went to Goodwill for the required icky-green pants ($6 for long, $3 for shorts) but also got 2 nice new jeans, $6 each, and this running skirt for $4 -- not what it was made for but it's going to be great, especially with the pockets I'm going to put on from a pair of lycra tights I got just for the fabric ($3). It hits me just about mid-thigh. Here's my hot, flashy, girlie running skirt, with things I already have:

With sport bra from Wal-Mart

This is the top to a triathlon set, bikini bottom has bike-padding (set was $14.99 brand-new w/ tags on eBay.) Not quite as good a match but I might put sky-blue ribbon trim around the waist or something.

With one-piece tri-suit, not quite as cheap ($30) on eBay

Would I wear a skirt in a tri? Well, yeah. Skirts are so much cooler than shorts. And my tri-suits and/or tri-bottoms have bike-padding, like I said. Quick and easy transition outfit.

Plus, I often run in tri-suits or swimsuits with shorts or a short skirt pulled on over them.

Geez, I might have to get my bike painted sky-blue/and royal.

I love Goodwill. I also got a bright-red rain jacket, good for bumming around the campground cleaning on rainy days, or for stashing in my backpack, or in my (bright red) kayak.


bunnygirl said...

I love thrift and consignment shopping! I started when I changed careers and had to take a massive pay cut. But I get such great deals this way that I've never gone back. I haven't set foot in a department store or a shopping mall in years!

TriFeist said...

Cool! You'll be superfast with all those new clothes.

Rachel said...


*jeanne* said...

Great duds!!!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I'm a thrift store shopper myself. I always find great Pink Looks like you did very well.