Wednesday, May 24, 2006


A rare privilege.... saw this exquisite little animal today while I was cleaning blown-down branches and other winter stuff off the hiking trails.

Rare but.... at this time of year around here, not so rare. There have been several reports of fawn sightings throughout the park and even the campground. The thing is, they're so adorable, people stoop down and pet them, and go get the kids to come see it, and keep coming back to see if it's still there, and report (or bring) it to the park office as abandoned or sick.

It was so sweet and tiny and still.... I wanted so desperately to pet it and feel what a live fawn feels like. We had some die last year because people did just that, or harassed it as described above, and the does were unable to retrieve them.

So I printed up a poster, with this same photo at the top and the following text (with spaces between the lines... can't get those to publish right):

This is the time of year that does are having fawns.
You might see one lying by itself in the woods.
It is not abandoned.
It is not hurt.
It is hiding.
Its mother is hiding nearby and will come to get it, if you will go away and leave it alone.
If you stay there, or keep coming back, or play with it, the mother will not come for it and it will die.

The campground director asked if I could print out a bunch of them to post in the restrooms, bulletin boards, and trailheads. I hope it helps.


bunnygirl said...

What a sweetie! I want one!!!

Okay, not really. I hope people read your signs!

Flo said...

Good idea!! Let's just hope people pay attention.

Deb said...

What a blessed life you have! I'm SURE there are plenty of ways to argue that... but to be surrounded by that kind of beautiful nature...ahhhhhhh. All good with mom? All good with you??????

Vickie said...

People mean well, but are pretty ignorant when it comes to "wild" animals. I fell into that category a few years ago when my kids rescued an injured cardinal. Not only did the poor thing die anyway, but we found out after the fact that it is against the law to take in wild animals, injured or not. Fortunately the woman at the wildlife center I called didn't ask for our names!
And on another note, there is a recent news report about deer attacking people on an Illinois college campus, and apparently it has been a problem in the past. And the reason is most likely because it is fawn season and they feel threatened.

Fe-lady said...

I didn't know that about fawns. We have mule deer in the foothills around here, but I haven't seen a young one (at least that young!)
Very cute-and good for you for helping out!

Rachel said...

You are my hero! That is so awesome you posted those signs! That is a precious picture. It's so nice to meet other animal lovers.

*jeanne* said...

How totally PRECIOUS!!!