Friday, March 24, 2006


I don't have much to say, just want to get my blog active again after last week's lag. What went d0wn today? Hmmm, laundry (4 washer-loads at the RV park laundromat, 3 trips back and forth at a 5-minute walk each way); grocery shopping at Super Wal-Mart, where I also got a little step to help my mother reach the running-board of our truck (she's coming tomorrow for a week's visit, including the Grand Canyon); putting away all of said groceries (I hate that); then a run that was supposed to be 7 miles but I took a Pat-style "I wonder where this road goes?" detour and probably ended up with between 8 and 9 miles. 88 minutes, whatever that works out to; I didn't have the GPS with me.

I've run about 136 miles since I started my imaginary "Maryland to Florida" run. I'm still in West Virginia, where I've been for ages and ages.

Tomorrow we pick up my 85-yr-old mother at the airport; later we're all having dinner at my in-laws', which is nice so they and my mother will get to see each other, and I won't have to fix dinner the night before we pull up anchor and sail away. I am nowhere near ready to go, and won't have a lot of time tomorrow to make much progress towards it. Oh, well... I'll just cram stuff anywhere it will be protected and more or less restrained and we'll manage. Here's what goes into being ready to go. And that doesn't include the "outdoor" stuff, the bikes and kayaks and tools and patio furniture and things like that which come out when we stay somewhere for an extended time. Technically, Steve's in charge of the outdoors and I'm in charge of the indoors, but it takes 2 to put the kayaks on the rack, and I generally am the one to disconnect the water and electricity, roll up the patio rug, sweep the patio, and a whole lot of "outdoor" things.

Plus I need to squeeze in a 40-minute swim sometime tomorrow. I'm on a SCHEDULE. I have a COACH. And I haven't had my mysterious crash-and-burn illness in the two months that I've been following her instructions.

I think I'll go to bed now.


tri-mama said...

Sounds like a busy day to me. I think I would really enjoy your life of adventure and rambling-it's fun to read up on where you are and where you are going.

Madame La Blog said...

OMG- trying to picture this in my mind - kayaks too? That must be one fully loaded RV.

Fe-lady said...

Wow...pat yourself on the back for accomplishments!
That's great that your 85 year old mom is still traveling around...that says alot for her and your genes (or your hubby's?)
NEED some G. Canyon pix when you are there...ok? :-) Thanks!

Rachel said...

sedona is so pretty. congrats on all your hard work and training.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Phew, I wouldn't call that a "nothing much" day. Sounds like more than what I get done in a week.

Have fun and update us when you "drop anchor" again. ;)

E-Speed said...

wow that is a lot to do just to get a move on :) I love that you guys have this life and that you make it work so well!