Thursday, March 30, 2006


Well, at least in this one, we have a rail behind us. Steve, Mom, and me.

Here's Mom.

And Steve.

And then this little guy.

He was as tame as a family pet. There are signs everywhere saying it's illegal to feed or approach wildlife. However, this fella was begging for handouts and eating chips, sandwiches, whatever people gave him. He took food from people's hands. He climbed into their laps. He ran up their arms. Everyone was clustered around taking pictures.

Steve commented that people from different states and different countries have traveled hundreds, thousands, of miles to see this, the Grand Canyon, which is right there in all its glory on a beautiful day, and everyone is crowding around taking pictures of a stupid squirrel.

I thought it was pretty funnny, too, but I also thought the squirrel on the wall with the Canyon in the background gave an interesting perspective on relative size, and a commentary on different meanings of "a moment in time," which describes the lifespan of both the Canyon and the squirrel.

A bus driver yesterday (you have to ride the bus to go anywhere, cars aren't allowed throughout the park) told me that the number one condition for which Canyon visitors seek first aid and medical attention is squirrel bites.


E-Speed said...

Awwe I love the one of your mom! She looks like a tough little lady! So cute!

Vickie said...


Fe-lady said...

Your mom is a cutie...hope I am out and about like her when I am 85! She is an inspiration!
And I remember feeding and holding a squirrel at Girl Scount camp. He eventually bit someone also...have to watch for Rabies-they are prone to having it.

Holly said...

Love the pics Ellie! Your Mom is adorable! I loved the Grand Canyon and hope to go back one day ...

*jeanne* said...

Oh, how wonderful! Grand Canyon and friends! :-)