Saturday, March 18, 2006


Whew. We have a week now of "normalcy" (is that the word? "Normality," maybe? Just call it relatively normal life.)

All the family has gone home. Lots of people have commented on the huge family.... they weren't even all here! All my father-in-law's 6 children were, but only 2 of their spouses; 4 adult and 2 young grandchildren out of 17; 4 grandchild spouses; only one out of 5 great-grandchildren.

You're right, big family. My husband's family. I am an only child and have very few relatives.

I haven't trained at all. In addition to family activities, I've had the crud. It's not my standard overtraining syndrome; it's going around: sore scratchy throat, no cold symptoms, minor cough, extreme fatigue. I am a bit better now and may try running a few easy miles.

Pat and I are hoping for one more bike ride in the coming week, but she's had family and the same crud bug and hasn't been riding either, so I don't think we'll be riding to Tucson :-( We're hoping for 50 or 60 miles.

Next Saturday we pick up my mother at the airport in Phoenix. The next day we head out to the Grand Canyon for about 10 days. Mom will be with us for a week there. And after a few more days, we will start our month-long meander back to Maryland, getting there about the first of May to stay until October.

A week to take a breath and then the gypsy life starts again. I like traveling, being a vagabond. After nearly 2 years of it I get itchy staying more than a month or so in one place.

However, there's no place like home.


Rachel said...

Whew. Busy week. Don't sweat about the training. Take some time to rest and sleep up so you'll feel fresh. Besides, Journey will keep you from slacking too much. ;)

Dianne W. said...

Hey! That 'crud' is doing the rounds of Calgary too! I'm on my second bout. I can't imagine having that many family members.

Comm's said...

I call it normalacy like you.