Monday, November 28, 2005


In my never-ending quest to discover the perfect sock for running and biking, I now turn to my friends.

Do you have a favorite? What do you like about it? Do you prefer the same socks for running and biking, or do you like different ones for each sport? How come?

The one I've pictured here is the SmartWool Micro Mini. I like wool quite a lot. I have SmartWool hiking socks and have found they manage moisture so well that I can get 2 days out of them (even with hiking) if push comes to shove, which it sometimes does when you live on the road without a washing machine close at hand. They make not only hiking socks but running socks. In fact, their fiber-content description states, and I quote: "The fibers naturally regulate temperature, whether you're climbing an 8,000-meter peak or running an Arizona marathon." Is that a message or what??? I have a couple pairs of their running socks, too, but the ones I have are a little thick for my liking inside running and biking shoes. I see they make a lighter, thinner one, which I will try next. The downside is, they cost about $14 a pair, although a Google search is turning up discount prices of about $10 from companies other than the manufacturer.

Further perusal of the SmartWool site turns up cycling socks, as well. In fact, they look like what I have that I thought were running socks. Maybe that's why they don't feel quite right for running. Can sock types really be that specific???

I like WrightSock double-layer blister-free socks but I find that the layers twist a little: I have weird feet and although my running shoes are a very normal size 8.5 (bike shoes 41), socks larger than size Small are too long for me; the heels come up past my heels making wrinkles and lumps. And it's hard to find Small, at least over-the-counter.

I tried a pair of Injini Toe Socks but they drove me kind of crazy. I can see the science behind the style, and, truth to tell, I do sometimes get blisters on the sides of my "inside" toes where they rub against each other. But that doesn't drive me as crazy as these socks did. However, I know runners who wouldn't run in anything else.

I also like cheapie Haines, Fruit of the Loom, and Danskin socks I can easily snag in Wal-Mart. The question is, if I like these at $5.95 a 4-pack, why am I willing to shell out $14 for SmartWool?

Because I'm looking for the PERFECT SOCK.

I have yet to find one that has no toe seam. You know, the one on top that hits right behind the nail bed of your big toe.Whatever my sock, I turn them inside out so the smooth side of the seam is next to my skin. Even the ones that claim "flat toe seam" are only flat on the outside. They make seamless-toe sandalfoot pantyhose... why can't they make seamless-toe running socks???

Chime in, folks. I want to know what kind of socks you wear.


jessie_tri_mn said...

Hands down, smartwool all the way for me!

Honestly, I use their running socks for cycling and running. I've not tried their cycling specific sock, but have thought about giving them a try.... Hmmm, somthing to request for my stocking :)

I've got a lot of thin poly blend socks made by asics, and while they're nice for hot summer days, the smart wool are good for just about any time of year.

Flo said...

I just recently discovered Bolga socks. I prefer a slightly thick sock and these are perfect. They are a little thicker on the bottom with lighter material on top. They wick moisture really well and I just don't feel them when I wear them (nothing worse than "feeling" your socks). I wear them for everything and just love them. I use Ultamax also but the Bolga are far superior. I pay $8.00 for them here in Hawaii so I'm sure you can find them cheaper on the mainland...

nancytoby said...

Let me know when you find the perfect sock!

But ... perfect for what?

My fluffy Polartec Acorn socks are perfect for nights in front of a fireplace.

For running long I like very thin Coolmax socks (lately my Ironman socks), and use a white knee-high nylon underneath (folded down, doesn't show) for another layer to prevent blisters (usually it works, but I always lose one or two toenails per marathon) and lots of baby oil gel lube.

I hate Wright socks. I hate thick socks. They all blister me.

Jhonne said...

I always go for running and hunting. I loved my smartwool socks, it was super comfortable and designed for aggressive use.