Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Steve drove our truck-and-trailer combo onto one of those weigh scales at a truck stop and...
We've gotta unload some of our stuff.
Last year we were at 20,000 pounds even... which is the exact pulling limit for our truck.
Now we're 700 pounds over that.
We have acquired: a big heavy satellite dish for our TV's and computers. 2 kayaks. Some kind of big surge-preventor electric box. A cast-iron Dutch oven with cast-iron lid (Steve makes chili over the campfire.) A document scanner for the computer (to scan slides and photos.)
And I don't know what-all else.
I am unloading some of my books and some of my clothes, although I feel I'm at the bare minimum for both already. I gave our daughter all my beautiful egg-shaped rocks from the shore of Lake Superior. I gave our other daughter several of my plants. I consolidated the rest of my plants into one planter (way less soil.) I could unload all of my possessions and still not come close to 700 pounds.

One thing we've decided to unload is 40# of our combined extra body weight. 20# each. A joint effort. This will be fun, hopefully. And 20# lighter should make my next Ironman a lot more comfortable!

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