Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Specifically, Lewistown Lake Park, Lewistown, TX, just north of Dallas. It's real pretty. The campground is within the park, which has smooth, flat, paved roads perfect for my return-to-running-after-the-Ironman running.

A gorgeous big lake. For kayaking and for Journey's swimming. Maybe mine too?

Birdsong... Great-Tailed Grackes, my National Geographic Birds of North America tells me. They make lovely long, clear whistles, and contented purrs, and excited clucks.

Beautiful weather today.... 60*F, sunny, no wind.

I ran 21 minutes, 2.1 miles. My legs hurt after the first mile; during the return mile, I walked or even stopped periodically until the ache went away, before continuing. The pain was gone as soon as I was done. That was an hour ago, and I just went and did 5 minutes easy; no pain there. Maybe that's how I'll get my distance back: run 5 minutes an hour all day, or something.

I downloaded flexibility/strength exercises for what I have determined is rotator cuff tendonitis in my shoulder. Maybe I'll eventually be able to swim again...

We are going to Lowe's to get stuff for our interior redecoration. Steve doesn't know yet about the redecoration... thinks we're just going to get new blinds. :-) But I want to go to Wal-Mart for fabric for new curtains (I know just the print I want and they better have it here in Lewistown); while I'm there I might get my hair permed. I got layers cut into it in Missouri and I'm so happy. Now I want waves. If I keep on going, pretty soon I'll have carefree Tri Hair!


Mica said...

Looks like you are getting close to my neck of the woods! Looks like we are having great training weather all week. Enjoy it!

TxSkatemom said...

How long will you be near DFW? email and let me know where you are and I can maybe meet up! I want to see your tri-tatt in person!!