Friday, November 25, 2005


Well, I wanted to include a picture of the medal for the Lost Dutchman Marathon, but as happens more often than not, I can't bring up the pop-up window to add an image. This is driving me crazy. I'd put in a lot more pictures if the da*n thing worked.
Anyway. The Lost Dutchman, rated by Runner's World as one of the Best Small Marathons, is Feb. 19, not 20 miles from here, in Apache Junction, AZ. It looks like a fun marathon, plus.... it's a month farther away than RNR Arizona. I could do the half at RNR and then have another month before my marathon. And I'd still be getting in my Arizona marathon.

I knew there was a marathon in Apache Junction, but I thought it was the same day as RNR AZ in Phoenix, so I didn't consider it. My husband and my s-i-l told me that was nuts, why would they have 2 marathons thirty miles apart the same day? I checked this out and found I was right, it had been scheduled for Jan. 15, but was moved to Presidents' Day Weekend to get it off RNR's day. Also to allow people more travel time, with the long weekend. Smart. So I wasn't mistaken or crazy... it was scheduled the same day, but now it's changed, making it quite possibly a likelier full-marathon goal for me than RNR. (Actually the official name of RNR is P.F. Chang's Marathon, and it's just on the RNR circuit.)

With another month to train.... and still have fun at RNR AZ.... my sister-in-law and her husband are doing the half there as well.... this could make a lot of sense.


nancytoby said...

Ellie, you know you can totally do a marathon today if you wanted to. If you don't want to, that's understandable too! But nobody gets out of shape that fast. You did an freakin' IRONMAN on October 1st. That was less than 8 weeks ago.

Ellie said...

But I'm tired and stiff after running just 6 miles today... I really do not feel as if I'm in marathon shape at all.

nancytoby said...

That just means you ran hard. Whether or not you are *mentally* in marathon shape, you are certainly in shape to finish one physically! Maybe not as fast or as comfortably as you would like, but you can certainly do one whenever you like. The question is, when do you like!? :-)