Friday, November 25, 2005


And the problem was in my pop-up blocker. Even turned off, it was blocking the Blogger Photos thing.... I can't begin to fathom why. But when I messed with it and arrived at "Always allow Blogger Photos," BINGO!!!

Anyway, this is the medal I'd get for doing the Lost Dutchman. I am really leaning that way.

Here's how I see my options:
  1. Continue on my present plan, run P.F. Chang's RNR Arizona undertrained in 7 weeks, forget Lost Dutchman
  2. Continue on my present plan, run RNR AZ undertrained in 7 weeks, do the half at lost Dutchman a month later
  3. Continue on my present plan, do both full marathons, with RNR AZ as training for Lost Dutchman
  4. Back off my present plan, run the half at RNR AZ as training for the full Lost Dutchman

Option 1 could give me a lot of stress trying to train up sooner, give me an uncomfortable marathon, and cut me out of one that could be a lot of fun.

Option 2 would give me both events but both of them would probably be uncomfortable -- I might not feel really up to either one of them.

Option 3 would be the biggest feather in my cap of the bunch, and might be doable, or I might have two really crappy marathons a month apart.

Option 4 is sounding the most sensible. I'd still get to do some of RNR AZ, and get a medal for it, and have a better marathon a month later than I would have had a month earlier.

Oh, yeah, two possible snags:

  1. I'd have to pay another entry fee -- not that big a snag unless:
  2. Lost Dutchman's field limit of 500 is reached before payday (Wednesday) when I can fork over said entry fee. It's not a lot but I shot my race-entry/athletic stuff wad on IM FL entry, and the registration fee for Phoenix Triathlon Club. I sent LD an email asking if it will most likely be open another 5 days. If not, I'll think up something.

Sounds kind of like I'm planning on it, doesn't it? I think I really might feel more comfortable doing the 1/2 at RNR AZ and the full Lost Dutchman. After I get my mind around the change of plans. And if registration doesn't sell out.


*jeanne* said...

Wow! I like that Lost Dutchman medal - I'd go for the full. R&R AZ - I'd probably just do the half, but you have MUCH more training under your belt, & many more marathons than I've done!

Ellie said...

I think I'm going to do both full marathons. That worked well for me last year... first one felt lousy, second one a month later felt great and would have gotten me an AG place at Lost Dutchman.

Wrayjean said...

I go for both "Fulls" have the training under your belt. Even with not a lot of running miles since your will be surprised on how it will come back.

I did Huntington just two weeks ago....I had only done 2, 15 milers in training....I ended up with a PR. Now Rocket City is in two weeks....I won't get another PR, but I hope to be around 5 hours somewhere.

You can pull this off. Your longest run between the two can be as low as 14 to 15 miles....

I did Flying Pig first Sunday of May...PR'd....than turned around and did MadCity May 29....came close to a PR.

So...Ellie....go for it. Listen to your body.


Ellie said...

Wrayjean -- how do I access your blog? I can get there but it's blank???