Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Well. Progress!!

I have lost 1.8 inches from my waist since I first measured it 3 weeks ago.

I am down 7.6 pounds in 3 weeks; 15.8 in 7 months. The sudden acceleration must be due to my low-carbohydrate intake. There's no other explanation. Watch out, I may turn into a pusher.

Speaking of pushing...

Today I started Week 4 over again, at level 3. Sets went like this:
27; 20; 20; 17; then max possible, at least 27, all separated by 60 seconds or more.

Well, I waited 90 seconds. The sets were hard but not impossible, until I got to the "max, at least 27."

I made 16 before collapsing. So I added that to my total for the day, and waited 5 minutes, then tried again.

I did 35. Total of 162!! Tracking your total each day isn't part of the program, but I'm going it anyway.

I've updated my tickers to reflect all of this, and moved them so you can see them without scrolling down.

My right Achilles tendon is a lot less swollen than it was. My left, well, not as good, but it doesn't hurt at least. I still get shooting pains in the right one. My physical therapist measured the angle of flexibility on Monday and I've progressed a couple degrees on each side. Normal is 10-20; I started at 9 on the left, 5 on the right; I'm up to 11 on the left and 7 on the right. Slow progress, but progress. She is also giving me lots of leg- and ankle-strength work, as explained in my previous post, so that I don't lose ground there while I'm sidelined. In fact, I should be a lot stronger when I return to training than I was before.

I'm encouraged.

By the way.... I was not sore after my pushup binge the other night! (see last post.)


Dee said...

Almost a 2 inch loss in your waist is awesome. I have sorta bounced back up in the last few days. But I continue to get back on track. I want to start with running. I have done it before. This Texas heat will kill you. It is supposed to be 100 today. You continue to encourage me with all you do. Keep going with the pushups. I also want to do that but I have not jumped in and done it yet.

Jade Lady said...

162 - OMG! You are getting mighty strong!