Friday, July 04, 2008


41-year-old Darra Torres just won a spot on the women's Olympic swim team for the upcoming games. FORTY-ONE!! Her FIFTH Olympics. Go, Darra!

At 41 Darra's lived enough years to be more than a one-sport wonder. Besides being a world swimming champion, she's a racecar driver, journalist, and model, to name a few of her activities.

She's also gorgeous. Check out the links.... there are photos.

Is it too late for me to be Darra when I grow up?


bunnygirl said...

I've been following the stories about her and am SO impressed! She's my age! :-D

Cliff said...

Wow. Never say never :)

Anonymous said...

On one hand I'm impressed at her drive and yes! her physical condition. But I get the impression she's self-centered. Has she raised a family, or put in the hours and years caring for others?

Life has helped curb my old, fiercely competitive nature. Competition is good and fine as long as it's not all-consuming.

But, by-george, I want to do those 100 push-ups! ;-)

Marshamlow said...

my husband kept telling me about her yesterday. He says it is not too late for me(I'm 39). I said, it isn't that I am old it is that I am lazy.

Jade Lady said...

At 41, that's amazing, considering most of her competitors are probably half her age.

Fiberjoy brings up an interesting comment. I think family challenges challenges us in completely different ways because of the human dynamics. In solo sports, one just has to depend on oneself - not to say it's easy either..that's a challenge in itself!

As for you...i think you're already a supa-stah! Darra doesn't compare to you!

Losing Weight: said...

I think she is amazing. I think she probably needs to be a bit self-centered to keep herself focused and at the top of her game.