Monday, July 28, 2008


I can't imagine how many hours I spent on the computer yesterday. I worked 3 hours at the campground where we live, spent an hour and a half in church, an hour or so cleaning and testing my bike, maybe another one cooking and eating dinner; the entire remaining time I was doing email (several active groups) and looking up stuff. It's getting out of hand; my kitchen floor is covered with dog hair and onion skins, my bedroom floor with shed clothes and shoes. My husband sits outside in the evening gazing at the stars by himself.

Other than logging on FitDay, checking my %$&^* insurance status, and glancing at the weather map, I'm declaring the computer off-limits today. I've got to break the addiction.

You folks are the best, reading my stuff and commenting, letting me know I'm in your life. I will respond to all of you when I'm back in control, I promise!


ShirleyPerly said...

Good for you! I haven't yet let too many things go but it's getting close. Have a great holiday!

bunnygirl said...

My husband sits outside in the evening gazing at the stars by himself.

Isn't that just like a husband? No offense to the poor dears, but they seem perfectly happy to ignore empty pet bowls, towels on the floor, and dirty dishes in the sink while they enjoy their little quiet time watching TV or star-gazing. I sometimes wonder if they would be so complacent if we gals weren't so quick to get disgusted by the bathtub ring and do the scrubbing ourselves. ;-)

Dee said...

I need to have a computer holiday also. I am pretty addicted. It just helps me relax.

Jade Lady said...

We all deserve a computer holiday!

Have a good one!

Cliff said...

You will come back..they always come back :P

I start to see the need of more offline days. Hmm...good that i get to swim, bike and run :)