Monday, July 14, 2008


Since I had such a hard time with Saturday's Level 3 pushup workout, today I dropped down to Level 2, where today's reps were slightly less for Day 3 than Saturday's for Day 2. (25, 19, 19, 17, 22 compared with 27, 19, 19, 15, 25.) That's 102 today; 105 Saturday/

Even so, I could hardly make it.

But I made it.

Last week I found the requirements easier if I rested two days in between, instead of just one. I think I'll go back to that, as well as continuing in Level 2.

Week 4 will go like this:
Day 1: 22, 16, 16, 14, 22 (separated by 60 seconds, more if needed.)

Day 2: 22, 17, 17, 15, 20 (separated by 90 seconds or more)
Day 3: 25, 19, 19, 17, 24 (separated by 2 minutes or more)

It looks easy enough.

At the end of Week 4 comes another Progress Trial of as many as possible.

I may not be quite the stud I thought I was, but I'm still a stud :-)


Marshamlow said...

You go girl. A total stud.

ShirleyPerly said...

You're a stud to me. I suspect taking step back weeks is good for pushups as well as marathon training.

Jade Lady said...

u are a stud..or is the correct term a stud-ette? I am amazed at your progress!