Monday, April 16, 2007


Boston is not as severe as expected. Temperature is expected now to reach 50* (although probably not during the race), and the wind is not as strong as feared. It's not pretty.... cool, rainy, breezy. Deena Kastor is pleased -- says it's just what she's accustomed to. So runners of the 111th Boston Marathon may not be up against quite as much meteorological opposition as it appeared they might.

As for Winchester, VA and points immediately north and west.... it doesn't look like a good day at all for hauling a large vehicle. Wind here is averaging 37mph gusting to 47. As one travels west into higher elevation, it's 45 constant, with higher gusts. I checked for forecast for where we're headed -- 51mph base speed expected this afternoon. Our son called, said it's howling, with blowing snow.

I don't think we'll be going today. Don't want to end up like this. Tomorrow should be better.

Tomorrow is my mother's 86th birthday, and I'm looking forward to seeing her, spending the evening with her watching American Idol together in person instead of over the phone. My mother takes notes of each contestant's performance -- what they sang, her impression, the judges' impressions, what the person wore and how they looked, so she can refer back to it on results night.


LouBob said...

Your mom sounds awesome!

Vickie said...

Happy birthday to your mom! Enjoy her as long as you can.