Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Carb-and-protein snack before bed the night before an 18-miler: homemade plain yogurt, strawberries and graham crackers. With sugar in the yogurt.

I'm nervous about tomorrow's run. Why would I be nervous about an 18-mile training run? It's not race day. But I'm wishing I'd had spaghetti instead of a hamburger for supper. Small hamburger on a whole-wheat small bagel, a cup of canned corn (carb vegetable), and half a banana mashed and spread on graham crackers for dessert. And now the above-described bedtime snack.

I should be OK. I haven't eaten anything special before training runs or even marathons for ages, or, for that matter, even the Ironman. Just whatever's on hand or whatever is set before me. It always works out.

Hey, this is just a training run...


Flo said...

You'll be fine tomorrow. Just take it as it comes.

My last marathon coach always told us to eat carbs 36 hours before the race. So a Sunday race meant a Friday carbo dinner. I dont' know if that's really true but he trained with Bill Bowerman and still does pretty well at 60+

Dianne W. said...

It's just a training run. If it sucks, you'll know better next time.