Friday, August 25, 2006


I've just been looking at my training totals so far for this year.

In 2006 I have covered:
Swim: 50,536yds = 28.7 miles (45.9km)
Bike: 1689.7 miles (2705km)
Run: 510.1 miles (820.9km)

This is the equivalent of 11.9 Ironman triathlons (geez, within a tenth of a mile of finishing my 12th) plus 3 century rides plus 7.5 free-standing marathons, and another 47.9 bike miles.

And I'm not even approaching the mileage some of the rest of you have been putting in.

We are awesome, gang.


Bolder said...

you are awesome!

keep workin' it!!

Rachel said...

You surpassed mine! And, after talking with a tri club coach, apparently I'm doing too much.

Ellie said...

Doing too much is a risk we take. I was doing too much when I was trying to follow my coach's 5- and 6-day training weeks. Now, with 3- and 4-day weeks, I'm training better, doing longer workouts with less fatigue, actually getting in as many hours as I was on the every-day schedules, but with less fatigue. I'm amazed.