Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Looks like the tide will be INCOMING, that is, AGAINST the swimmers, for Chesapeakeman's point-to-point swim. Race start time is an hour after low tide... right about when it starts coming in.

We better start swimming now, Nancy....

I may change my blog name to AGAINST THE TIDE.

From the MD Dept. of Natural Resources Fisheries & Wildlife Tables:

Tides for Cambridge starting with September 30, 2006.

Day High Tide Height Sunrise
/Low Time Feet Sunset
Sa 30 Low 5:45 AM 1.1 6:59 AM
30 High 9:57 AM 1.6 6:49 PM
30 Low 3:41 PM 0.7
30 High 10:47 PM 2.8

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nancytoby said...

There's some long discussion about this on the race forums on their website. I think it's a pretty weak tide, judging by the height. Hopefully it will just be good practice. Choppy waves would be worse!