Friday, August 18, 2006


OK.... who exactly is doing IMFL? Nancy, Commodore, Bolder, Shelley, Bev, me (you don't need a link for me, you're here already).... who else?

Since not everyone reads my blog, maybe you who do can put out an APB so that all the IMFL folks will get a heads-up and pop on over to sign in. Or you can just tell me they're doing it.

There is going to be a HUGE crowd of bloggers and emailers who know each other but haven't met yet. How are we going to recognize each other?

I'm posting this on the IMFL blog as well.

Chime in, folks! Thanks!


TriBoomer said...

Oh yeah... I'm all the way in. We need to coordinate a Tri-Blogger Alliance meet-up. I've never been to Panama City Beach before. Any ideas?

Fe-lady said...

Trimama will be there too! Don't forget her!

I will be there in spirit cheering all of you on!

Cliff said...

This is so exciting :)

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Sounds like a great crowd. Would be cool to go watch...hmmmmmmmmm

catfloy said...

I'll be there too!
From Maryland~