Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wednesday, May 9

11 Miles from Lisburn Rd. where Steve dropped me off, to Darlington Shelter
Weather: mostly cloudy, cool breeze
Unfortunate song stuck in head: "Jack and Diane"

The day off  did me so much Good! My feet aren't perfect but not painful either. Apparently no stress fracture! I think I like the Dr. Scholl's inserts.

Again today, flat, flat, flat. And gorgeous! Beautiful flowers! I don't know what they are but Steve will know. Tall, 3 feet high, with long flower spikes, flowers white and all shades of purple. Gorgeous. I saw a lot of Jack-in-the-pulpit, too; discovered they often grow among Mayapples, and what their leaves look like without the singular-looking flower.

I wasn't sure I could do 11 miles, since I was so sore yesterday. But it went great, 3 miles an hour for awhile, since it was so flat. Muddy, though, which eventually took its toll: slippery, watch your step, and clings to your shoes, making them heavy.

There was a mile-long hill leading up to the shelter. At the bottom was a sign: "Water at shelter unreliable. Take water here." So I got a gallon, which is what I use for supper, washing socks, bathing, supper, breakfast, and starting the day's hike with a quart left.

OK, a gallon of water weighs 8 pounds. Schlepping it up the mile-long steep hill was enjough to convince me not to gain 8 more pounds, ever.

At the shelter were "No Problem" and "Maverick," both guys about my age. We reminisced about the '60's and '70's. It's raining a little now; I'm under my umbrella at the picnic table writing this.

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