Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday, May 14

Still dead tired. Sleeping on the floor wasn't much better than not sleeping at all.

Up a hill I got enough signal for text messages. Steve had figured out my mileage and was going to meet me at 10am at the spot appointed for tomorrow. I'm low on things and need to stock up.  I find things to do. I counted 17 red efts (those little bright orange salamanders) over a space of about two miles.

My feet hurt. No blisters or specific injuries, they just hurt.

Steve is at a campground about 60 miles away. Too far, I thought, to take me there for the night and bring me back tomorrow. But I quailed at the thought of taking a few supplies and hiking on. So tired. It's a 13 mile day to the next shelter and I'd only done 3 by the time I reached the crossing.

But he was expecting to take me to the camper! Yay! I get half a day off! I am so tired.

Got a few things at a Wal-Mart, then pulled my pack apart in the camper to put food in my food bag, weed out stuff I'm not using, and re-organize. This was a bad idea. The camper is tiny, but not my usual habitat, and I kept losing stuff. Pack up the pack, realize I hadn't packed the XYZ, can't find it anywhere, unpack, not in the pack, where the heck is it??? Find it some stupid place I put it where I'd "remember" so I could pack it.

I took a shower. I am amazed at how soft and silky my hair feels now. I'm already used to it feeling stiff and salty, and squashed flat from my hat.

Looks like heavy rain tomorrow. Nothing I haven't hiked in before, though. My 2009 AT hike was one of the rainiest on record.

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