Saturday, March 21, 2009


EMT's and ATV's to the rescue.

Especially interesting to me in that he's a "neighbor" from the New Orleans area. I don't know him, but there are no strangers, only friends we haven't met yet. Like most of mine :-)

It's good to know they take the ATV's up there. The day last spring when I did my tendons, I never thought of that -- only that I was inaccessible by both ambulance and helicopter and would have to hoof it or be carried on a litter by rescuers also on foot. I never thought of ATV's.... Granny MacGyver here still can't get used to these newfangled ideas.

I'm glad "Sarge" is OK and reassured to hear how smoothly his rescue went!

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Steve said...

Small world indeed. I am willing to bet I met Sarge when I hiked the AT in '97. That Sarge was the only black man I met on the trail. He was the right age, retired from the service and recently widowed. He was indeed a nice guy.
Small, small world.