Friday, March 20, 2009


Gosh.... I remember when it was eleven WEEKS.

I'm in a scramble getting things done and ready, that I've procrastinated on for too long.

Last week when we had 2-3 days of rain predicted, I put my tent out. It leaked. Panic! I want walking in the rain wearing my rain gear. It leaked. Panic!

Buy a new tent. Buy new rain gear.

Both pretty much out of the question.

I discovered what was wrong with the tent. Last summer when I put in a new window, I put it away intending to seal the new seams eventually, but I forgot. So I moved the tent under the roof of the campground pavilion till it dried, sealed the new window seams, and put it back out in the rain. It stayed dry! Score one!

I ordered some Granger's 2-In-1 Waterproofing, which came today, and which I will launder into my rain gear tomorrow. Today I just washed everything really well to prepare them. Stay tuned for the results.

My tendons are still tender. But I've been walking, with a little over 20# in my backpack. I'm currently breaking up 5 or so miles into 2-3 separate walks: one in the morning before I start working, one on my lunch break, maybe one in the evening. BunnyGirl's Kinesio Tape is helping amazingly.

Still waffling about what clothing layers to take. I keep logging onto The Weather Channel page for the forecasts in the first few towns on the Trail. Steve, however, will be work-camping in northern Georgia till the middle of May, so for my first 3 weeks or so he'll be able to bring me what I need if my needs change. How very lucky I am..... he is 200% behind me in this. He really wants to see me make it.


Steve said...

I just did the math. You are leaving on 4/1/09?
April Fool's Day??? Classic!!!


bunnygirl said...

I'm very excited for you, and I feel very confident you can do it.

Anonymous said...

Ten days! (Does this mean there are only 25 days to get my bookwork and tax paperwork finished? Yikes - stuff of nightsweats.)

Will you be taking some type of rain poncho at least for the first month or so? A good sturdy one can make all the difference for staying warm and dry without interior sweating.

What about instant ice-packs for your tendons? At least for the first few evenings as you're adjusting to the day long walking. I know, more weight but your tendons would thank you.