Friday, March 13, 2009


I'm having the most extraordinary outpouring of support from my friends.

Fiberjoy dehydrated 5 pounds of broccoli and sent it to me, along with a bag of beef jerky, and dried cranberries, and PayDay bars. PayDay's.... she remembered they're my favorite for hiking/biking etc.!

BunnyGirl sent me Kinesio tape for my tendons. They improved immediately as soon as I put it on. I'd been struggling with athletic tape that ripped my skin off and didn't allow stretching. What a difference.

Carlene in Canada sent me a JetBoil cookset. Super-compact and super-efficient and a total surprise, last summer when I was going through a bad time.

Clyde, a member of an Appalachian Trail hikers' email group, sent me a beautiful Feathered Friends down sleeping bag that he doesn't use anymore. I'll need this warm bag until June/Virginia and then again by August/New England. I have a lighter summer bag for warmer conditions.

ShirleyPerly has offered to transcribe my journals to my blog.

Carlene has been my dear friend for a long time. I met Shirley at IMFL, and got to see her again, and meet her sister JadeLady, in Austin. The others..... we've never even met. And yet all these people have done these astonishing things for me.

Thanks to my friends, I'm not so "MacGyver'ed" anymore. Maybe I should change my Trail Name to "Grateful."

With friends like this, how can I fail?


Steve said...

Sounds like you've turned the corner now!!!!
I read that daredevil Eivel Knievel had a series of check points that he passed going into his stunts. When he passed the last bailout point, he told himself "GO Man GO"

Go Ellie Go


ShirleyPerly said...

Really, I just want to be one of the first to know what's going on with you on your adventure :-)

Great to hear about that K-tape!!