Sunday, March 15, 2009


This is 25 gallon bags of food, one per week (I'm giving myself an extra week!) each containing 6 suppers, plus instant coffee, tea bags, Crystal Light or regular lemonade mix (for my tea), dried fruit, powdered milk, popcorn, and a little packet of extra dried tomatoes or sauce in case something needs some oomph. I'll take a small salt shaker, and a little bottle of garlic powder, or maybe some other kind of general-purpose seasoning, since just about everything I made has garlic in it already.
Along with one of these bags per week, I'll be relying on Steve to buy and include with it a bag of walnuts, jar of natural peanut butter (I don't want any trans-fats, and doubt I'll be able to find natural PB in every little town), beef jerky, instant pudding (I could put that in the bags but I didn't buy any and I don't want to open up every bag again), and small bottle of olive oil -- or I might get a bigger one and put it in my bounce box, taking out a week's worth at each mail stop before sending it to myself at the next one. In that box will also be shampoo and conditioner, Clorox for my water (I've researched this and believe it disinfects water adequately, and it's cheap and easy), hand/foot lotion, and hand sanitizer, all to be transferred to small bottles with the rest shipped on.
Things I'll buy for myself on the way include breakfast cereal or bars, snacks, a little fresh fruit (it's heavy), hot chocolate mix, candy to mix with my walnuts into trail mix, cheese (hard cheese like cheddar keeps a week unrefrigerated.)
Sixteen more days. Sixteen more days. Sixteen more days.

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ShirleyPerly said...

Truly eye-opening how much organization is required to be able to hike the AT. Glad you got it all figured out!