Friday, April 11, 2008


After 2 weeks' rest from biking, I started again today, with a 26-miler around the Flower Mound, TX area. It was a beautiful ride, nice open roads with cattle, wildflowers, and very little traffic.

SavageMan training is on!!

My plan is to run twice a week and bike 3 times, with 2 days off. When we get to Winchester, VA, where we'll be spending the summer and fall, I'll add swimming to my running days. We'll be in transit till then, and in Winchester there's a park with a 25m indoor pool, 50m outdoor pool, and gym -- $2 admission for senior citizens.

Sheesh, senior citizen. 'Fraid so.

I downloaded a half-ironman training program from, but it schedules 6 training days a week and I know I need 2 days off, preferably consecutively. So I'll be modifying it.

So yesterday I ran to the store and walked back with my groceries in a backpack. Today I biked. Tomorrow, I'll run -- maybe 40 minutes. I didn't time or measure yesterday's run but I'm sure the round trip was at least 4 miles, so a 40-minute run tomorrow is reasonable.

Winchester, by the way, has been home to Patsy Cline, Willa Cather, and George Washington, among others. My favorite of the 3? Patsy, of course!

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