Monday, April 21, 2008


At 6:30 I was awake thinking, "I'm awake, I should go for a run now before it gets crowded out." I lay there thinking about that and next thing I knew it was 9:00.

Since it was late, I was hungry. My usual breakfast is cooked oat bran with half a cup of yogurt, half a scoop of protein powder, and a serving of canned or frozen fruit all mixed together. Well, I couldn't run for a while after eating that, so I vacuumed including corners, edges, furniture and ceilings.

We drove to daughter Val's where I put our big comforter in her big washer, which including emptying her dryer, putting what was in her washer in her dryer, and folding her dry clothes.

Went to granddaughter Gracie's school to have lunch with her, after stopping at McD's to get her an unhealthy alternative to the school lunch.

Waiting at the end of the school driveway to leave, we saw her dad (our ex-son-in-law) drive by. So we cell-phoned him, he turned around, and we had lunch with him at Arby's.

Back to daughter Val's to switch the quilt to the dryer and start another load of wash.

Back to our camper to do some odds and ends. Change into running clothes, head back toward daughter Val's for half an hour, at which time Steve came along as pre-arranged, picked me up (and Journey), and we drove the rest of the way to Val's, where I took the quilt out of the dryer, switched my current wash load to the dryer, put in another wash load, dried myself off, changed my clothes (put my running clothes in the washer), and we set off to our ex-son-in-law's place where our 2 grandkids were going after school, to spend some more time with them.

Back to Val's to do the washer-to-dryer switch one more time.

Then to daughter Avery's (about 15 min. from Val's) for dinner with her and her husband Scott. Yummy dinner, steak for Steve and Scott, portabello mushroom caps for Avery and me, plus corn on the cob and mashed potatoes and gravy and wine. Mmmm. Our dog Journey and their dog Sybil played and played. Sybil is an unlikely mutt, supposed to be pit bull and, of all things, wolf. She looks like a yellow dingo. I can see wolf in her. She hasn't a single aggressive bone in her body, just 50% play and 50% loving slob. A wonderful dog. So she and Journey played themselves out.

Then back to Val's to say a final goodbye to grandkids Collin and Gracie, as well as Val and her husband Anthony, and collect the day's laundry, finally. It is so good to have even our queen-size comforter clean (it doesn't fit in normal-size washers like those found in campgrounds.)

Tomorrow we leave for Maryland, where new granddaughter Sarah is imminent. When I think of holding her in my arms, my eyes fill with tears.

And now I'm going to bed.

Training today: 33-minute run, 3.1 miles.

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