Saturday, April 19, 2008


So we spent 2 nights in Arkansas, one in Tennessee (at Loretta Lynn's Ranch, which is a tourist-trap ripoff, don't bother going), one in Kentucky at My Old Kentucky Home State Park in Bardstown, and last night we arrived in Baltimore OH, where we'll stay till Tuesday, visiting here with our 2 married daughters and their families.

Training I've gotten in:
  • Wednesday, Hurricane Hills, TN: 40-minute run. I didn't measure it.
  • Today, Saturday, Baltimore, OH: 70-minute bike, 21 miles, average 18mph, cadence in 90's. WOW! I thought keeping the high cadence would make me slower. It helps that the area is fairly flat, though.

I'd been hoping to start training for 5-day stretches, alternating run and bike days, but it's really hard when we're traveling every day.


Tomorrow, daughters Valerie and Avery and I are traveling to Maryland to daughter-in-law Jamie's baby shower. Baby Sarah is due May 22, but Jamie's doctor says she could go any day now. She'd be 5 weeks early right now but that was when Abbie was born. The doctor estimates Sarah's weight at 6 pounds, which is what Abbie weighed 5 weeks early.


Tuesday, we head with the camper to Maryland, where we'll stay 4 or 5 days with the family contingent there, then on to Winchester, VA, for our summer digs. It's good, hilly biking and running (training for SavageMan) and 20 miles from the Appalachian Trail, so I can do some section hiking and make my trail dream start to feel real again.


On with the show for today. Granddaughter Gracie the gymnast (9) called me while I was out on the bike, wanting to know if I want to go biking in the park with her. Well, of course I do. There's rain supposedly coming but hopefully it will hold off.

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Jade Lady said...

You are on the move! Good for you for trying to fit in your training - it's hard when you're travelling so much. You're doing much better than I did during my trip.

How's the weather on the East Coast? My husband finally got rid of his cold/allergies as we were away from all the pollen in Austin - what about you? You feeling ok now that you're out of the area?

We're now at muggy mid 80's - summer is almost here already.